Kim Torrence
Photo by Steve T. Martin


Hi! Thank you for visiting my page! Mindful Dancer is a convergence of all things I most deeply care about: dance, healing, spiritual growth, authenticity, happiness, creativity, and community. It is a way for me to merge my passions, insights, and expertise into one platform, for the purpose of uplifting and healing the human spirit. First and foremost, I am committed to healing suffering- of children, families, adults, my own, people I love, the planet’s… With the Mindful Dancer blog and Mindful Dancer programs, my hope is that others may benefit in some way from experiencing this intersection of dance and mindfulness.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with over ten years experience working with children and families, with specialized training in trauma, attachment, early childhood mental health, and mindfulness. I am also a long-time dance enthusiast, with experience in teaching, performing, choreographing, and directing a dance company. I first started practicing meditation in 2002, through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. In 2006 I was introduced to Thervada Buddhism and mindfulness practice through the teachings of Tara Brach and Insight Meditation Community of Washington. I continue to study Theravada Buddhism at Bhavana Society with Bhante Gunaratana.

For a long time as a healing professional, I worked in non-profit social service agencies with heavy emphasis on psychoanalytic orientations to change and healing. I started out as a social worker in the heyday of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where everything had to be measurable by CBT standards. I wasn’t encouraged to use dance or mindfulness as an intervention, even though I believed strongly in their healing potential. At work, I focused on learning about attachment theory, trauma, family systems, psychoanalytic theories of development. As soon as I left work, I went straight to the dance studio where it all came together for me. I practiced mindfulness on my own and at retreats, and gradually, I began to use mindfulness with my clients.

In my experience, it is the mind-body connection that has the most healing power. Thankfully, mind-body practices and expressive arts are increasingly recognized by the professional field as veritable agents for healing, growth, and change. Mindful Dancer is my personal response to this growing field..